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The Operations Department is responsible for the effective and efficient daily operation of the District's distribution system.  Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Monthly meter reading to support bills to customers.
  • Maintain district facilities and equipment.
  • System flushing.
  • Valve maintenance (600).
  • Meter maintenance (3,200).
  • Pressure reducing station maintenance (19).
  • Automatic Control Valve Maintenance (43).
  • Availability 24/7 to perform leak repair on District main lines, valves, and meters.
  • Supervision and coordination of reservoir and tank cleaning.
  • Fire hydrant maintenance (450).
  • Perform locates.
  • Respond to customer questions/issues in the field.
  • Review of plans for new construction.
  • Installation of meters for new connections/properties.
  • Relocation of services/meters.
  • Obtaining and submitting water quality samples.
  • Testing of large meters.
  • Cross connection (backflow) inspection and compliance.
Daniel Gridinar
Manager of Operations

Brandon Wise
Quinton Anderson
Utility Workers