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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

Here in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan region, we are fortunate to have multiple sources of 
drinking water from surface sources (lakes and rivers) and groundwater (aquifers). Most people 
in our region get their water from one of these five sources: the Bull Run Watershed, Clackamas 
River, groundwater, Tualatin / Trask Rivers, or Willamette River.

The Region’s water providers employ about 1,100 professionals to manage, maintain, and 
protect your tap water every step of the way. This constant care from the source all the way to 
your home involves a lot of professionals, infrastructure like reservoirs and pipes, and 
complying with rules and regulations.

At the same time water providers are making sure daily water needs are met, they’re planning 
for the future too! Region-wide planning and construction keeps resiliency top-of-mind while 
coordinating water supply in the face of climate change, population growth, and aging 
infrastructure. Water providers work together to support regional programs, share resources, 
and strengthen the region’s ability to respond to and recover from emergencies.

The Regional Water Providers Consortium's work supports its water provider members to 
ensure that the region has a long-term, reliable, efficient, and safe water supply. As a member, 
we are committed to working regionally to supply your water and continuing to adapt to future 
challenges as they arise.

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