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Beaverton Hillsdale Highway Main Project

Water Main Work on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway begins late May into Early June. Please read the April newsletter provided within for more details.

April Newsletter.pdf


Here’s the schedule going forward through mid August:

July 30 – August 10:  Night-time work in and near intersections with signals.  Work will consist of drilling bore holes in the highway to determine the depth of other existing utilities (gas, electric, sewer, etc.) so as not to intersect those pipes, saw cutting the pavement in the alignment of a trench (where the new pipe will be placed).  Saw cutting is likely to be the loudest task in the construction project.  Night work will take place between roughly 9 PM and 3 AM.  It is not the District’s desire to conduct work at these hours, but it is the only construction window the District has been permitted to use by ODOT when working near intersections with signals.


August 8 – 18:  Day time work to install new pipe between SW Poplar and SW 78th Avenue