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Water Conservation

May contain: water, machine, grass, plant, and sprinkler

It’s always a great time to save water, and this is especially true in summer. Here’s why: we use the greatest amount of water in the summer, a time when we get the least amount of rainfall. So, as you head outdoors this summer, be sure to use these three ways to save water: 


1. Check your watering system. Whether you water by hand, have an in-ground sprinkler system, or something in between, make sure you audit your system regularly. This means running your hose or sprinkler system to check for leaks, puddling water, worn-out components, watering the street or sidewalk, and clogged nozzles or sprinkler heads.

2. Sign up for the Weekly Watering Number. The Regional Water Providers Consortium offers a free service 
that will send you a zip code-specific watering amount via text or email each week. You’ll also get tips and 
guidelines to help you water smart all summer long! Did we mention it’s free?

3. Measure your sprinkler system’s water use. Once you sign up for the Weekly Watering Number, take 15 
minutes to see how long it takes your sprinkler (or hose, drip system, etc.) to water one inch to set yourself up for efficient watering all summer long.